RDA South Moravia acts as a consulting body in the preparation and implementation of regional development projects for the municipalities of the region and for the agency’s founding bodies – the South Moravian region and the Association of Southern Moravian Municipalities. Main acitivities are:

Structural Funds
RDA South Moravia provides audits of project ideas and prepares project applications and supplementary documentation for grants from the EU Structural Funds. We concentrate mainly on projects in infrastructure, support of enterprise, and tourism ...

Studies and Strategies
RDA South Moravia offers preparation of development strategies, specialised feasibility studies, Cost-benefit analyses (CBA) ...

Refrigerators project
Regional Development Agency of South Moravia was the body responsible for the “Recycling and complete disposal of home refrigeration products in South Moravia” project, which will allow saving financial resources that have so far been necessary to dispose of old refrigerators.

Grant Calendar
A guide through the thriving jungle – grant instruments of the EU, ministries, funds, regions, foundations, aimed at serving the municipalities of South Moravia, is published monthly.

RIS CRD (Regional Information System of the Center for Regional Development)
Regional Information Service – a presentation of the region, euroregion, microregions, tourist information centres, development documents with connection to a dynamic map web server, all in a unified structure for all Czech regions. The project is managed by the CRD.