Regional Development Agency of South Moravia strives to work actively in the field of innovations. In this respect, it became involved in multiple activities aimed at encouraging the development of innovative environment in the region of South Moravia, and also facilitates the initiation of further projects. The principal activities of RDA South Moravia in this area include the following:

Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravia Region (RIS JMK)
Primary document aiming the efforts of public administration at supporting innovations. Strategy is being updated now and managed by South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC)

Brand new:

INMEC – Innovation park for companies operating in advanced technologies and materials

New innovation park for companies operating in advanced technologies and materials. It is now being built in Brno-Medlánky, near the Technological Park. The name is made from the initial letters of the key words: INovation Materials – Electrotechnics – Chemistry INMEC will offer a unique concentration of researchers and innovative companies; the new CEITEC research centre is growing right opposite the INMEC building. INMEC will open in July 2014. Its main investor is South Moravian Region and its operator is the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC).

Wine Science Cluster
Initial step to clustering - “Wine Cluster – Identification” project is implemented by RDA South Moravia within the framework of OPPP (Operation Programme Industry and Enterprise)

VTP JMK (Science and Technology Park of South Moravia)
The “Science and Technology Park of the South Moravian region” project for the development of innovative and incubator services, within the OPPP. Preparation of "Technological incubator II" and "INBIT - Biotech incubator" project proposals.

AIE Regional Representative
Since April 1994 RDA South Moravia acts as a regional representative of the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship of the Czech Republic (AIP CR) as an instrument for involving regions in the preparation and implementation of the National Policy for Innovations.